Our story

Enabling dignified lives through personalised service

Founded by Jasim Shady and Neshtman Reza, Devote Care is an Australian family-owned company. We are a home care service provider dedicated to providing comprehensive disability and aged care services. We are passionate about enhancing the quality of life of those most in need Australia wide. It’s no understatement to say that every member of the Devote Care family sees what we do as more than a job, it’s a calling and a privilege. That’s why we take every measure necessary to completely understand our participants’ motivations, expectations, and aspirations for their life with Devote Care at their side. 

Today, Devote Care is proud to offer Australia’s most diverse community of support workers. Together, we’re redefining support for disability and aged care in Australia – one connection at a time. We recognise that when it comes to accessing vital government services, participants from non-English speaking backgrounds are severely disadvantaged, and we have implemented a host of systems in order to overcome these difficulties. Our experience in providing care that is culturally sensitive is second to none, because we see our participants as individuals, not numbers. 

Bringing out the best in each other is what Devote Care is all about. Let us enable your freedom.

When you take on Devote Care, we offer you the flexibility to easily choose the support team that’s right for you. From one-on-one care, to nursing, to simply facilitating your hobbies, we have the solution for you. What’s more, we provide care for as long as we’re needed. Whether it is short-term, long-term, or even a one-off service, you can rest assured knowing that we won’t leave until you’ve received the care you deserve.

So, when you get in touch, we’d love to hear exactly what YOU want, because Devote Care is personal care. 

How We Can Help

Meet Our Team

Our commitment to enhancing life starts with our dedicated management team.

With over 25 years of support experience between them, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen and responded effectively to every hurdle our line of work presents. That’s why we know that there’s no goal we can’t help you achieve.


Jasim Shady

Before founding Devote Care, Jasim utilised his innate entrepreneurial spirit to found and direct several construction businesses, as well as establishing a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to improving human rights outcomes for vulnerable people in the Middle East. He has established and actively engaged in non-English background multicultural communities in Sydney to help people with English difficulties to know their rights, obligations and entitlements, as well as enhance individuals and to further harmonise society.

Although successful, his previous business endeavours did not satisfy a dream he had held since childhood. Growing up with two disabled sisters and aging parents in need of highly specific care, Jasim always knew that he would found a business like Devote Care.

In his own words, Jasim believes the purpose of Devote Care is to provide and an enhanced life for all people who need support and care. This purpose is driven by a desire to ensure individuals have robust choices when it comes to who supports, and that support workers are valued and recognised for the important work they do. Jasim works tirelessly to ensure that Devote Care becomes a symbol of independence, choice, and control in aged care and disability support, for all Australians.

Head of Support Workers

Neshtman Reza

From humble beginnings in the healthcare industry as a kitchen hand at Westmead hospital, Neshtman’s dedication to excellence quickly resulted in multiple promotions, and achieving renown as one of the best Head Chefs in the industry (All while raising her son as a single parent).

Although she loved her work in the kitchen, Neshtman craved to fulfil her passion for patient care more directly, and so Chef Reza became Nurse Reza. Specialising in disability and aged care, Neshtman has time and time again displayed her ability to excel no matter what the challenge, and as a result this excellence, has developed key relationships within the NDIS healthcare system. It is these relationships which now give Devote Care one of our key tactical advantages over our competitors.

Neshtman’s dedication to her craft, as well as her naturally affable nature has made her the perfect fit for the position of Director here at Devote Care. Her patient-oriented strategic insight has allowed for both Devote Care and our participants to flourish, and we could not picture a future without her.

Head of Support Coordination

Evita Alan

Evita has been working as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse for the past 8 years, and as she likes to say, she could not imagine finding the same fulfillment in any other career.

Evita was first attracted to nursing as a teenager, after observing the compassion and professionalism exhibited by the nurses caring for her ailing mother. Although her mother sadly passed away, Evita was able to find purpose in her decision to provide care and dignity to those in need.

Evita believes that nursing has allowed her to live out her most innate attributes- care and compassion. In her eyes, no other profession allows one to fulfil the virtues of being unselfish, emotionally intelligent and giving, in the same way. Combined with her naturally energetic nature, her desire to care, to make her patients smile and be a positive force for change in their lives, is based upon the knowledge that her work provides profound meaning to her own life.

Time and time again, Evita has been commended by her both her employers and her patients. Her strong practical and theoretical knowledge is always implemented with the understanding that one cannot provide effective care unless they can earn the trust of their patients.

We can’t wait for you to meet her!

Head of Nurses

David Hamakhan

David is a Senior Registered Nurse with more than 15 years of experience in the Public Health sector. He is highly experienced and has worked in critical care, ICU and emergency department. David has carried out patient care in a range of fields including medical, surgical, operation theatre, intensive care, disability care homes and aged care. David is skilled and qualified to care for patients that require complex care such as tube feeding, long term urine catheter, complex wound care, CPAP/BiPAP and much more.

David found his passion for nursing at a very young age, being the eldest of 7 children. When David was young, he helped his mother look after the family, he did this by caring for his disabled sister and elderly father whilst living in a town that had an insufficient source of health facilities.

David started his career as an Assistant Nurse for 3 years which ultimately led him to obtain his Bachelor in Nursing degree at the University of Sydney. David's personal and work experience as well as his ability to speak multiple languages helps him connect with clients and colleagues with different backgrounds.

His sense of humour, charisma and his passion for nursing has made him loved by both his patients and colleagues. Despite his busy life, he has always managed to make time to involve himself in voluntary work and not-for-profit organisations in order to support and help immigrants in any way, including teaching them English and other languages. Beside English, David can speak Kurdish, Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.

Why Devote Care

We Care

We are passionate about healthcare and home care needs, and your life goals, and we provide you with the best possible support to achieve them in the shortest time-frame. All this from the comfort of your own home.

Obligation Free Consultation

When we come to you, we want to learn about you, your life story and your family background. We want to make sure that Devote Care is the right fit for you. That’s why we conduct our initial consultations free of charge, no obligation.

Personalized Caring Approach

We understand that your needs are unique. We want to work with you to develop a plan to promote your independence as much as possible and provide you with the very best care and support we can. We offer personal care, domestic assistance, gardening, cooking, nutritional planning, getting you social support, aids, and equipment on a short term, ad hoc or long-term basis.

Empowering Service Delivery

Realising that accepting help and support from others can be a big deal, we make it our priority to match you with a support worker you can trust and connect with on a personal level. We want to make sure that you’re going beyond ‘allowing’ them into your home. We want you to find yourself welcoming them and looking forward to your time with them.

Extensive Experience History

We know the difference that quality care makes. That`s why we enhanced our processes to ensure we recruit the very best people, and we provide them with the very best ongoing training.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build inclusive communities and to empower people to lead better quality lives by providing unmatched standards of care. We do this by enabling people with disabilities and their existing support networks, to reach their full potential. Quality care, stewardship, and respect for the rights of the individual, guide all decisions made by Devote Care.


To build and nurture caring and inclusive communities that respect, empower and value all people, especially those from non-English speaking backgrounds. We grow our services by demonstrating excellence in all matters, and being a community service provider, that prioritises the inalienable right to self-determination.


We are carers first, and a business second. We will always act in the best interest of our participants. 


We champion diversity and the right of all community members to make informed choices and participate fully within their chosen communities.

Ethical Practice

We will act with full accountability to provide best practice high quality supports in an ethical manner, based on the NDIS Code Of Conduct.


We will be compassionate and understanding of every client’s individual needs and goals.

Respect & Honesty

We demonstrate respect to all stakeholders, both external and internal, through transparency and excellence. We will respect the rights of the individual to freedom of expression, freedom of choice, and control over their lives.


We will promote a culture based on our Core Values and optimise our work practices accordingly. Our participants will always benefit from our best practice outcomes, productivity, and reliable services.

Enough Talk, Let’s Build Something Together