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Are you ready to achieve your NDIS goals? We are here to help!

Every one of us has goals in our lives. Big or small, goals are closely linked to our desires. We are in an ever-evolving cycle to achieve them. Sometimes unconsciously.

For NDIS participants, it’s no different. But now, achieving life goals could be somewhat easier for you. Thanks to NDIS, participants can live their lives as equal community members.

Over 4 million people use the help of the NDIS to achieve their personal goals. The program makes it easier for participants to focus on their personal NDIS goals by offering them specific support.

Would you like to find out if you can participate in NDIS? You can find out by taking a simple test on the NDIS website!


Creating a plan to achieve your NDIS goals

Do you meet all the criteria to become an NDIS participant, and have you also successfully applied? Now it’s time to get you a personal plan. In a timely manner, you will also find out how you can best achieve your NDIS goals.

After the review of your plan, you will also be assigned a person to assist you. This person will support you to the best of their ability to achieve your NDIS goals. However, finding the right supporter is essential.


Help with the creation of your NDIS goals

Are you not sure which targets you should specify in the NDIS? It can happen.

But you don’t need to worry; you are welcome to ask for support. This can be, for example, your friends, family members, and any other person.

State your personal goals in your own words when creating the plan. A well-crafted plan can make your life much easier, so take your time. Get comfortable with your plan. It’s yours.

Possible NDIS goals

There are several goals that the Australian NDIS can assist you with. Below are some examples:

  • Building your skills and doing more things yourself
  • Working or studying now or in the future
  • Doing social and recreation activities now or in the future
  • Building friendships or connecting with your family.

Many people with a disability are already participants in the NDIS and are now studying or participating in social activities more often.

Likewise, support from the NDIS program helps you make new friends again. The pandemic is eased up, so time for some socialising?

After creating a plan that suits you, there will be an in-depth discussion. You and your supporter will go over several points.

Occasionally, however, changes may occur. Nevertheless, your personal goals, in which the NDIS program supports you, are always in the foreground. Deviations are therefore minimal.

Also, if your ideas change over time, you can always contact your support worker to work out a new plan for you.


How NDIS helps you achieve your goals

Remember that achieving your NDIS goals is independent of the program’s financial support. Rather, it is to help you become more independent.

Setting goals in your NDIS plan does not mean the program will fully support them. The purpose of NDIS is to ensure to have an economic basis. This allows participants to better focus on achieving their personal life goals.

Disabilities, in particular, could be a financial burden. Being an NDIS participant gives you more financial freedom and a better chance of making your innermost desires a reality, despite the increased financial need.

This is exactly where the help from the NDIS comes in. The program does not buy fancy stuff but helps you get life without physical and mental limitations.

We are Devote Care, enabling dignified lives through personalised service. It’s no understatement to say that every member of the Devote Care family sees what we do as a job; it’s a calling and a privilege. Achieve your NDIS goals with us. We are at our service on 1300 300 999, or get a free consultation here!

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