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How to find the right support worker that suits your needs? You are in good hands by all means.

Australia implements one of the best disability strategies in the world. Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031 aims to support a more inclusive society where all people with disability can live their lives as equal community members.

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a big part of this strategy. Moreover, The NDIS is Australia’s first national Scheme for people with disability. Its main job is to support people by providing direct funding to individuals.

So if you are an NDIS participant, you can get funding for services to fulfil your needs. You can check your eligibility status here.

There are NDIS providers like us – Devote Care and individuals who help participants in various ways.

What Types of Support are Funded?

  • Daily personal activities,
  • Transport to enable participation in the community, social, economic and daily life activities,
  • Workplace help to allow a participant to successfully get or keep employment in the open or supported labour market,
  • Therapeutic support, including behaviour support
  • Help with household tasks to allow the participant to maintain their home environment
  • Help to a participant by skilled personnel in aids or equipment assessment, set up and training
  • Home modification design and construction
  • Mobility equipment, and
  • Vehicle modifications.


Finding the support worker who can help you with this kind of support could be challenging, so we came up with a 3 step compact guide to help you find the ideal support worker.

Find The Right Support Worker in 3 Simple Steps

Once you’ve decided on what services may help you achieve your goals, it’s time to find out more about the providers in your area and whether they are right for you.


Your early childhood partner, local area coordinator or support coordinator can help you. But first, it’s crucial to set your goals. Next, you can search for a provider via the Provider Finder or use a Support Worker Directory website.


Before you agree to work with a provider, you might want to research their services on the internet, check reviews, get advice from friends or family and speak with different providers face-to-face or over the phone.


1- Define Your Goals

Finding the support worker for your needs lies in correctly defining your goals and expectations. Once you get that right, it’s easier to find a support worker who can help you fulfil them. If you are unsure of what to expect, we are happy to guide you. But if you check out the NDIS code of conduct, it might be a good starting point.

The NDIS Provider Finder


2- Use Provider Finder or a Support Worker Directory

Thanks to the ndis.gov.au website, it’s easy to search for NDIS providers. All you need to do is click here to use the provider finder tool. In this tool, you can narrow down your search by state and support type. Once you have enough providers, you can start checking their websites for more information. There are also third-party tools to search for support workers, such as careseekers.com.au.


3- Profile and Reference Check & Interview

Once you finalise your initial search for your support worker, it’s good to quickly check their profiles in detail and run a quick reference check. Suppose you end up with 2-3 candidates at the end of this process; that’s great because you can then start interviewing them. When we say interview, it doesn’t have to be something in detail. Just have a chat with your potential support worker to get an idea of what your cooperation will look like. It’s also possible to ask to meet in person.

How Devote Care’s Support Coordinators Can Help You?

  • Guiding you throughout the NDIS process, let’s identify your goals and select the best services to meet your needs.
  • Helping you with spending for each type of support, negotiating prices and service agreements.
  • Discussing the feasibility of in-home care respite, when required
  • Advising you during NDIS plan reviews
  • Navigating and optimising your yearly plan and NDIS approved budget.
  • Assisting with Housing Pathways
  • Being there for you in times of crisis
  • Providing bilingual carers and support workers. On top of mandatory English fluency, Devote Care maintains a roster of employees fluent in Arabic, Farsi and Kurdish.


Our team is experienced in managing referrals and proactively supporting you during Physiotherapy, exercise physiologist, occupational therapy, dietician, speech pathology, registered nurses, psychotherapist, and social worker appointments.


We are at your service at all times; call us on 1300 300 999 or get a free consultation here!

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